Instillerie is a personal project created to celebrate the uncommon and embrace the messy, unique, and quirky things that make life beautiful.

This is an inclusive space for people who:

  • Love design, but aren’t necessarily designers.
  • Are seeking inspiration for leaning into joy and vibrancy, both at home and within.
  • Are yearning to create a warm and soulful home and lifestyle.
  • Want to be mindful about their consumer habits.
  • Find joy in beautiful things.
  • Embrace the process of creation.

About Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley. Thanks for checking out Instillerie, I’d love to hear what you think!

A little about me…

I’m obsessed with homes and homeyness. 

My parents bought and flipped homes when I was little – until things got tough financially. After that, we rented home after home, generally a different one each year. My mom was always looking for the next best space. We’d move in and immediately paint everything bright white. We’d add color and art and texture. My mom was a ball of energy and could get a house painted, boxes unpacked, and feeling like a home in a matter of days. 

The need to create a beautiful and comfortable space to live in was imprinted in me.

Ashley of Instillerie at her Connecticut lake house, Halo Hollow Haus, Photo: Katelyn Perry
Ashley at her Connecticut lake house, Halo Hollow Haus, Photo: Katelyn Perry

In a way, I’ve always envied people who lived in one home their entire life, or people who buy a home and plan for it to be their forever home. That’s a foreign concept to me. My temporary experiences of home continued into my adult years. I moved to NYC after college and lived in a series of tiny apartments over my 15 years in the city. 

Then the pandemic hit. Like many New Yorkers with small children, we fled to family with more space. We spent six months in Atlanta, Georgia in my grandmother’s home (she had just moved to assisted living). And then we spent eight months in Cary, NC where my dad had just bought a home. In these temporary pandemic scenarios, I found myself creating homes and spaces for joy and fulfillment. 

Ashley Patterson of Instillerie in Cary, NC
Ashley at her dad's home in Cary, NC

When we returned to Brooklyn, I wanted to be sure we had a space of our own for retreat and escape. I was maybe a little scarred from leaving our home unexpectedly for 14 months. So we bought a little weekend home in the country – near a lake in Litchfield County, Connecticut. We found we loved it so much that we made the decision to move our family full time to the country and to sell our Brooklyn home. 

Ashley Patterson of Instillerie at home in Litchfield County, Connecticut
Ashley at home - just after closing on her first home purchase in Litchfield County, Connecticut

And that is where Instillerie begins…