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Our Brooklyn Bedroom: What Gallery Wall Dreams Are Made Of

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Our Brooklyn Bedroom: What Gallery Wall Dreams Are Made Of

If you've been following along, you know that our Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment was a diamond in the rough when we first laid eyes on it. The listing photos were less than stellar, but we could see the potential in those pre-war details and gorgeous bones. After scooping it up, we got to work infusing each room with our colorful, collected style. Read on for the behind-the-scenes of how we took our bedroom from basic to brimming with creative energy.

Our Brooklyn Bedroom Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share the dramatic before and after of our Brooklyn bedroom gallery wall. Much like our colorful living room transformation, this bedroom makeover was all about infusing the space with personality, color and art that sparks joy.

The Blank Slate Bedroom Before 

Instillerie Park Slope Brooklyn Bedroom Before

When we first moved into our pre-war Brooklyn apartment, the bedroom was an empty white box – full of potential but devoid of character. The hardwood floors had gorgeous bones but were in desperate need of refinishing. And that sole window was just begging for some color and pattern to liven things up.

Instillerie Park Slope Bedroom Reveal

Curating An Expressive Gallery Wall

The biggest change we made was creating an eclectic gallery wall to serve as a focal point and set the tone for the entire bedroom. I carefully selected a mix of artwork, photographs, and meaningful mementos in a palette of blues, greens, yellows and neutrals to evoke a vibe that is at once calming and creative – perfect for promoting sweet dreams and inspired wakeups.

Some highlights of the gallery wall:

  • A gorgeous Steve McCurry print gifted from a friend
  • A street sketch of Hilary Clinton from a Brooklyn artist 
  • Graphic and colorful prints from fun modern artists and photographers
  • An Eleanor Roosevelt quote done in calligraphy by my talented cousin @hardinkcallig
  • Sentimental photos and mementos from our life together (of particular significance is a design sketch and wax mold of my engagement ring, which Bryan worked with a friend of ours to create)
  • A fun colorful picture of Abraham Lincoln (our son’s name is Lincoln)
  • Sleek white frames in different sizes to provide consistency

I played around with arranging the pieces using my queen size bed as a proxy for the space on the wall until landing on a layout that felt balanced yet dynamic. Hanging it all was a process but so worth the effort! The key is using a long level, measuring tape, and lots of patience.

Instillerie Park Slope Brooklyn Bedroom Reveal
Instillerie Park Slope Brooklyn Gallery Wall. Design: Me + Deluzuriaga Studios via Homepolish, Photography: Sean Litchfield

Styling Cozy, Creative Vibes

To complete the look, we added lush textiles like a vintage runner sourced via Etsy, indigo shibori throw pillows, and a sheepskin ren. A mid-century nightstand with brass details brings in some warmth. Topping it with a few favorite books, candles, and plants makes it feel like a restful escape that still showcases our style.

Instillerie Park Slope Bedroom Reveal 2

Our Brooklyn bedroom was transformed into an inspiring oasis that we loved and lived in for years. It’s amazing how surrounding yourself with pieces you love can truly transform your space and mood.

What do you think of gallery walls?

A gallery wall can be a great way to express personality in your home, but some people feel they’ve been overused in recent years. What do you think? What ideas do you have for bringing more color, art, and soul to your own bedroom? Thoughts to share? Let me know in the comments.

xoxox, A

Design: Me + Deluzuriaga Studios via Homepolish, Photography: Sean Litchfield and NYLON Real Estate

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